Panasonic AG-AC90A NEW

29.8 mm Wide-Angle/High-Powered zoom lens - 1/4.7 type 3MOS Sensor - High-Sensitivity BSI Type 3MOS Sensors - Triple Manual Rings - High-Definition LCD Monitor - High-Quality Recording with AVCHD PS/PH Modes Specifications

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Key features of the AG-AC90A:

  • 29.8 mm Wide-Angle/High-Powered zoom lens
  • 1/4.7 type 3MOS Sensor
  • High-Sensitivity BSI Type 3MOS Sensors
  • Easy Operation with Triple Manual Rings and a High-Definition LCD Monitor
  • High-Quality Recording with AVCHD PS/PH Modes
  • Specifications Supporting Professional Use


  • Dual memory card slots with direct copy function between memory cards
  • New REC modes: PM mode (1280 x 720, 8Mbps), CS mode (720 x 576, 3.5Mbps)
  • Date and time superimpose function
  • Eye-Fi card for wireless connection

Panasonic’s new AG-AC90A AVCCAM combines the high image quality, advanced functions and easy operation that professionals demand in a stylish, easy-to-handle design. The 12x optical zoom lens starts from a wide angle 29.8mm (35mm equivalent) to 383.7mm. The camera features a high speed F1.5, BI (back-illuminated sensor) type 3MOS image sensors providing Full-HD resolution. In addition to high-quality professional PS/PH mode (1920 x 1080) recording, the AG-AC90A supports PM mode (1280 x 720) and low-bit-rate CS mode (720 x 576) for delivery over a network.

When combined with an Eye-Fi card, it fits right into production workflows that use networks to transfer data files to PCs and upload to cloud servers. Other professional operating features include Triple Manual Rings (focus, zoom and iris) that approach the versatility and feel of the interchangeable lenses, XLR Microphone/Audio Inputs, and remote terminals to provide the system expandability that professional applications require.

Please click here for a list of operation manuals to download.

Slide-Retractable LCD Touch Panel

This versatile LCD serves as a high-definition, 1,152,000 dot monitor and menu-setting touch panel. When not in use, it slides into the handle front for extra mobility and safety. It also rotates 270 degrees vertically for easy high-angle, low-angle and self-interview shooting.

Highly Functional Controls

The control panel offers both multifunctional versatility and easy operation. Frequently used functions have large, distinct buttons in an easy-to-recognize layout. Large audio level dials are also designed for both safety and operating ease.

Triple Manual Rings

Focus, zoom and iris rings are positioned on the lens barrel. This provides an operation to enable the kind of speedy and intuitive camera work.

Large-Capacity Battery

Included A large-capacity 5,400 mAh battery comes included, to give you around 6 hours of continuous shooting in PH mode.

XLR Mic/Line Input

The AG-AC90 comes standard with 2-channel XLR audio input terminals for external mic or line recording use. It also has a 48 V phantom power supply.

XLR Mic/Line Input

The AG-AC90 comes standard with 2-channel XLR audio input terminals for external mic or line recording use. It also has a 48 V phantom power supply.

Panasonic’s new AG-AC90 AVCCAM combines the high image quality, advanced functions and easy operation that professionals demand in a stylish, easy-to-handle design. The high-speed F1.5 lens extends from 29.8mm (35mm equivalent) wide-angle to 12x optical zoom. BSI (backside illumination) type 3MOS Image Sensors exhibit high sensitivity, Full-HD resolution and a high S/N ratio. The AVCHD recorder section supports both PS mode, for Full-HD progressive image production, and pro-use PH mode. They realize the versatile shooting angles, image quality, and recording formats you need for news gathering and image production. Other professional operating features include Triple Manual Rings (focus, zoom and iris), XLR Microphone/Audio Inputs, and remote terminals to provide the system capabilities that professional applications require.

29.8mm Wide Angle to 12x Zoom Lens
This high-powered zoom lens covers from news gathering to image production field. It goes from 29.8 mm (35 mm equivalent) wide-angle to 12x zoom. Panasonic’s unique Nano Surface Coating minimizes ghosts and flaring, and the high-speed F1.5 (at the widest angle) enables extremely clear image rendering.

High-Sensitivity BSI Type
3MOS Sensors Three (RGB) 1/4.7 type MOS image sensors have an effective pixel count of 2,680,000 pixels. In addition to high BSI (backside illumination) sensitivity and excellent 3MOS colour reproduction, 4x dense pixel shifting technology achieves high resolution. This lets you record high-quality Full-HD (1920x1080) images even in dim lighting. The image processing circuit, which is tuned for professional use, produces highly natural gradation and detail.

5-Axis Hybrid Hand-Shake Correction
The AG-AC90 features 5-Axis Hybrid OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer/hand-shake correction). This powerful image stabilizer combines the advantages of both optical and electronic systems to ensure stable handheld shooting.

Intelligent Zoom and Digital Zoom
Intelligent Zoom gives you seamless zooming up to 25x magnification while minimizing decreases in resolution. And a 2x/5x/10x Digital Zoom is also featured. Combining the optical zoom and Intelligent Zoom, this provides an ultra-telephoto range up to 250x.

Focus Assist and Push AF
The Focus Assist (Focus in Red) button shows when your subject is in focus by outlining subject edges in red on the LCD monitor. And Push AF activates the AF function while in Manual mode with the press of a button (allocated to a User button). This provides handy support for manual focusing.

Scene File Function for Advanced Image Quality Settings
The six preset scene settings allow immediate response to a variety of shooting situations. The following settings can be freely changed and saved over the preset values.
• DRS (Dynamic Range Stretch): Suppresses blocked shadows and blown highlights by visually expanding the dynamic range.
• 7 Mode Gamma: Allows selection from seven gamma curves: HD NORM/LOW/SD NORM/HIGH/B.PRESS/CINE-LIKE D/CINE-LIKE V.
• Other settings: H detail level, V detail level, detail coring and skin tone detail, chroma level, chroma phase, colour temp and master pedestal, auto iris level, knee (LOW/MID/HIGH), matrix (NORM1/NORM2/FLUO/CINE-LIKE).

Professional Camera Functions

• ZEBRA Button: Displays two zebra patterns (blown highlight warning) and a marker (brightness level percentage).
• BARS Button: Outputs a color bar image and test tone audio.
• DISP/MODE CHK Button: Shows mode settings at a glance.
• Auto Slow Shutter: Allows the shutter to automatically slow down to brighten dark scenes.
• High-Speed Shutter: Adjusts up to a maximum speed of 1/2000 sec.
• White Balance: Allows selection of ATW/3200K/5600K and two manual settings (A/B).
• iA Mode: The AG-AC90 detects the shooting conditions and automatically switches to the optimal iA mode (Portrait, Landscape, Spotlight, Low Light, Normal).

Seven User Buttons
User buttons one to three are hardware buttons, and User buttons four to seven are touch panel controls. Seven functions out of a total of twelve (Push AF, Backlight Compensation, Spotlight Compensation, Black Fade, White Fade, ATW, ATW Lock, Digital Zoom, Histogram Display, Rec Check, Last Clip Delete, and Menu) can be allocated to these buttons.

AVCHD PS/PH Mode + SD Recording
• PS Mode: Records Full-HD progressive (1080/50p) images compliant with the AVCHD Progressive standard.
• PH Mode: This AVCCAM professional mode supports 1920x1080 full-pixel images and switchable HD formats of 1080/50i and 1080/25p.
• SD Image Recording: Enables SD (576/50i) recording in AVCHD SA mode.

Dual Memory Card Slots
The slot to be used can be switched during normal recording. Auto-Switch Recording*1 lets you record images onto two memory cards consecutively, and Back-Up Recording*2 records the same images onto two different memory cards to increase reliability.
*1: Simple relay recording. When switching recording media, audio is interrupted for maximum 0.8 sec.
*2: Rec Check and Last Clip Delete do not operate during Back-Up Recording.

Versatile Recording Functions
• Interval Rec: Records one frame at a time in set intervals (1 sec, 10 sec, 30 sec, 1 min, 2 min). Ideal for observation, surveillance and other applications.*
• Pre Rec: Prevents missed shooting opportunities by storing about 3 seconds of video and audio data in memory prior to pressing the Rec button.
• Rec Check: Lets you check the end of the most recently recorded clip with one-touch ease.
• Last Clip Delete: One-touch delete of the most recently recorded clip.
• The built-in SMPTE time-code generator lets you select the Free Run/Rec Run modes and preset. UB (User Bit) is also provided.
• Still shots with 3-megapixel resolution. (Still shots can also be captured during video recording.)
*Up to a maximum of 12 hours, HA mode only, no audio recording.

Slide-Retractable, High-Definition LCD Touch Panel
• High-definition 16:9 aspect ratio 8.8 cm (3.5 inches) LCD monitor with approx. 1,152,000 dots.
• Slides into the handle front for storage. Rotates 270 degrees for high-angle, low-angle and self-interview shooting (with Mirror mode).
• Menu settings and playback by touch panel operation.
• Various playback functions can be selected on thumbnail display, such as Pause, Fast Rewind, Fast Forward, Slow, Frame Advance, Skip, and Repeat.

SDXC Memory Card Support
The SDXC memory card, which is more than 32 GB, can be used on the AG-AC90, as well as conventional SDHC and SD memory cards.
*Use SDXC/SDHC/SD memory cards with an SD Speed Class of 4 or higher.

XLR Input and Other Professional Audio Features
In addition to a built-in 5.1-channel surround sound mic, the AG-AC90 features 2-channel XLR audio input terminals for external mic use. Input (Mic/Line) can be selected for CH1/CH2 independently, and a 48 V phantom power supply (ON/OFF) and level control are provided.

Professional Interfaces and Design

• HDMI Output: Digital output of video and audio signals to a wide variety of HD devices.
• AV Multi Output: Analog video and audio output. Output analog component video (component terminal), analog composite video (pin jack), and analog audio (L/R pin jacks) through the bundled cable.
• USB 2.0 (DEVICE): For transferring files to a PC.
• Remote terminals enable remote operation of iris, focus, zoom and Rec Start/Stop functions.
• The AG-AC90 has a well balanced center of gravity and a short body for nimble mobility.
• The upper part of the handle grip contains both the Rec Start/Stop button and a zoom speed control (three speed steps).
• A front tally lamp is provided (ON/OFF switchable).

See PDF with all the technical details

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