Rollei Actioncam 415 - Black

Βιντεοκάμερα δράσης,κατάλληλη για χρήση extreme sports. 40m waterproof , 1 m shock proof, Φακός 140°super wide, Ανάλυση video 1080p/30fps

Τιμή πώλησης: 55,00 €
Τιμή / κ.:

Βιντεοκάμερα δράσης,κατάλληλη για χρήση extreme sports

  • 40m waterproof , 1 m shock proof (σύμφωνα με το πρότυπο ΙΡ 68)
  • Φακός 140°super wide
  • Cmos 5 Megapixels
  • Interpoloted 12 megapixels
  • Aperture F 2.4
  • Ανάλυση video 1080p/30fps
  • Οθόνη TFT LCD 2.0”
  • Δέχεται κάρτα micro sd μέχρι 32G (class 10) 
  • Micro USB,Micro HDMI
  • Photo Time Lapse, Snow Mode
  • Format JPG,MOV
  • Μπαταρία 3.7V-900mAh
  • Βάρος 65 gr
  • Διαστάσεις 59,3 Χ 41,1 Χ 24,6 mm 


Περιλαμβάνονται στην συσκευασία

Υποβρύχια προστατευτική θήκη με 2 εναλλάξιμα χειριστήρια, πίσω πάνελ (1Χ για κατάδυση, 1Χ για προστασία στο βρέξιμο), επαναφορτιζόμενη μπαταρία λιθίου, βάση πλαισίου κάμερας και αντάπτορας, βάση στήριξης με 2 εξαρτήματα ασφαλείας, επίπεδη επιφάνεια με 3Μ αυτοκόλλητα ασφαλείας, καμπυλωτή επιφάνεια με 3Μ αυτοκόλλητα, αντάπτερ για τρίποδο, καλώδιο USB, εγχειρίδιο χρήσης




  • 140° Super Wide Angle Lens
  • Loop function
  • Burst photo, time lapse, snow mode
  • Integrated WiFi with up to 20 meters range
  • Incl. underwater / protective case for depths up to 40 meters
  • Incl. 900 mAh lithium-ion battery
  • Battery run time up to 90 minutes (without WiFi)

The Actioncam 415 perfectly complements Rollei’s popular 400 series. The high-quality video function with full-HD resolution is specifically aimed at extreme athletes who place particular importance on spectacular videos. Of course it also has a high 5 MP photo resolution. The 140° super wide angle lens takes care of sharp contrast and natural colours.

Equipped with WiFi, waterproof and really handy

Use your smartphone or tablet to easily operate your Rollei Actioncam 415 via remote-control. For times when you want to record video selfies without the annoying click of the recording button. The app is of course intuitive to use and available free of charge from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Use the splash-proof backdoor for footage on your mountain bike or motorbike to ensure the original sound of your tours; for underwater trips at depths up to 40m, you can quickly swap the backdoor and record extended wreck or cave dives on video thanks to the powerful lithium ion battery (90 minutes running time)


SRS - the new safety standard in the world of action cams

Each new Rollei Actioncam comes with the Secure Release System. If you get stuck somewhere with the 415 attached to the safety pad and the high-quality 3M stickers, the SRS releases the connection in a similar way as a ski binding and reliably prevents any subsequent injuries.

In addition to the SRS safety pad, the accessory set also includes various 3M stickers and suitable pads for flat and curved surfaces, a camera clip and the respective tripod adapter in case you want to film or photograph using the tripod without the protective housing.



Καλάθι Αγορών

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Χρειάζεστε βοήθεια; 210 52 47 000


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USED Vintage SLR (με Film)



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